I Can Only Watch from the Sidelines

I didn’t plan on visiting a San Francisco chiropractor while on vacation, but it was one of my unplanned stops. I originally went to San Francisco to run a marathon. The marathon happens once a year, and I went there early to finish my training for the marathon. While training, I pulled a back muscle, which put my training on an indefinite hold. I went to a chiropractor and learned that my injury would heal, but I wouldn’t be able to run in the marathon because of it. I was devastated and disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to participate.

Since there was nothing else I could do, I decided to cheer myself up by taking a tour of San Francisco. When I’m feeling down, I get something to eat, so I looked at some of the local restaurants. There’s a lot of great cuisine concentrated in the San Francisco area. There’s a particular style that only exists in the food culture from the west coast. I would stay there and eat myself silly if I could, but then I would get too heavy to run any marathons, regardless of whether my back was injured or not.

Although I was unable to compete, there was nothing that prevented me from seeing the marathon as a spectator. One of the other spectators had an idea of who would win the marathon, and made a bet with me. I figured that I could at least make some money on the side. The marathon was closer than I thought. The competitors were making some decent time, although they weren’t doing as well as I was in my practice runs. Had I not injured my back, I probably could have beaten everyone in the race. In the end, I won the bet that I made.

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