I Do Not Know Why I Didn’t Try a Chiropractor Sooner

I am not as tough as I used to be. Maybe I never was. I don’t know. I have been through a lot of physical pain since I was young. Nothing like someone who has been recovering from a serious accident, just chronic pain that seems to always be ready to rear its ugly head. My back was a part of my body that caused me an incredible amount of difficulty. I spent years with lower back pain that got so bad that I could barely move around. Things are different now after going to a chiropractor my friend insisted I try.

For years I would not go. I went to my regular doctor who ordered a couple of x-rays and then prescribed me anti-inflammatory medications and even narcotic painkillers. Seeing how the world is now, I am glad I did not get hooked. They made me sick to my stomach, so I stopped taking them after the second one. As my lower back started to get better, the pain in my upper back got worse. It made every day just hard to get through. I could walk again just fine because my lower back was no longer hurting like it did. However, my shoulders and upper back ached to the point I would walk hunched over looking like Quasimodo. The pain was persistent to the point I could not even enjoy freedom from it in sleep.

After agreeing to go see a chiropractor my friend recommended, I felt stupid after the first visit. Stupid in that I did not listen years ago! I felt an immediate relief of a good amount of the pain after the first adjustment. I felt a rush of warmth and proper feeling going back into my hands and arms. The nerve damage would take some time to heal, but I stuck with the treatment plan feeling better after each visit. I wish I would have went years ago when my friend first suggested chiropractic medicine.

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