I Just Got Home from Vacation

I had a really good time on my vacation. Myself and a lot of other guys went up to Tennessee and spent a week fishing and doing a lot of skiing and such up there. Of course Cherokee lake is a numbers lake as they say, there do not seem to be the sort of trophy fish you might find on Lake Norris. I caught a few walleye and all sorts of bass, but none of them were all that big. When I got back I went to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA. It was really stupid, but we were drinking one afternoon and we started to have a belly flop contest. We had fished all morning and into the afternoon, then we went back to the rental house and we did some swimming off of the dock. I was trying to do a back flip, but that was not the result. I hit the water flat on my back and it felt pretty much like landing on concrete.

It was a couple of days before I decided that I would have to find someone to get it fix and so I started to ask around. I knew that you really do not want to trust some random person to do this sort of thing in fact. If you have really bad luck it is possible that a chiropractor can leave you with really serious issues. Of course the real problem is when you let one of them mess around with the bones in your neck and that is pretty obviously dangerous when you think about it. A chiropractor moves the bones around in your body, but you need to use force to do that. If they do it well, then you are as happy as can be. If they mess it up, you are something else.

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