Ways to keep Fake Urine At the Right Temperature

It may be a little odd since we all know urine is warm in nature and why do you want your urine to be warm after it leaves your body? Due to the high demand for synthetic urine, people are finding ways how to make fake urine as close to the real thing as possible, that includes its temperature. People will do anything to beat the dreaded drug test to keep their jobs.

Keeping fake pee can be very tricky. The easiest way to keep the urine warm is by using a heating pad. But there are some instructions to follow when it comes to warming a synthetic urine. Fake pee is very popular with working people. Although illegal drugs are prohibited, marijuana, on the other hand, is legal in some states. But even if it is legal, the stigma is still there. Many companies don’t usually give a free pass for their employees caught positive of marijuana.

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Synthetic urine is first used as a calibrating agent for laboratory equipment. Aside from being used as an alternative for real urine when getting drug tests, it is also used as a prank. If used in test screenings, the biggest roadblock when using fake urine is how to keep it warm to make it look authentic. Real urine’s normal temperature is about 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Below or above that will result in test failure. There are ways to ensure that your synthetic pee is at the right temperature when used in any types of screening.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers are really excellent at keeping synthetic pee warm. They are small, so they can be easily concealed and can emit enough heat for 10 hours. They are available almost anywhere, but they are popular during winter. You can wrap the hand warmer around your sample container and attach it with a rubber band. Leave it for at least an hour since it takes an hour for hand warmers to produce enough warmth to heat your urine.

Body heat

Another option is your own body heat. You can put your fake pee in a small bag and strap it in your body to warm the sample. The best way is to strap it inside your thigh since it is one of the warmest parts of your body. It applies to both men and women. This is the easiest way to warm the sample since you don’t need to buy anything. All you need is a strap and your body.


Another popular option but very unconventional is heating your pee in a microwave. This can ruin your sample if you don’t know what you are doing. Leaving it for too long can destroy the components of the pee. It only takes 10 seconds in a microwave to heat the pee. It is an easier way, but if you are using the fake pee for testing, it is not an option since you need a microwave to do it.

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Many fake urine manufacturers are starting to develop their packaging by putting a disposable thermometer outside the bag. Expensive fake pee brands will provide you everything to make sure you can use your sample correctly. Synthetic urine has become a popular staple when it comes to drug testing. It is extremely easy to use and works well. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Although, I won’t advise people to fake their urine test, in case of emergency, Synthetic urine is the best way to beat any urine screening if done right.

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